Harben Vale Pick Your Own Cherries

34 Altmanns Road, Balhannah SA 5242, Australia

A beautiful farm located in the Adelaide Hills, there are about 4,000 cherry trees. The low branches cherry trees make visitors pick safely and easily. The netting prevent birds from pecking. And they use some chemicals in the orchard, but they say they try to keep to use to a minimum.

Harben Vale Pick Your Own Cherries this 2021 season entry ticket fee: $8/Adults, $14/KG.

Varieties in the orchard:

  • Merchant
  • Chelan
  • Van
  • Bing
  • Stella
  • Sir Don and Sir Tom
  • Lapins and Simone
  • Dame Roma and Regina
  • Sweetheart

The available varieties to pick are vary according to the time, season, and output.

2021 December Christmas Varieties picked: Stella and Van.

Stella: Dark red, taste Softer and sweet.

Van: Bright red, taste Crisp and sweet.

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