Descendants Day – Clipper Ship ‘City of Adelaide’

The day on Nov 7, 2021 for descendants of crew and passengers of the city of Adelaide to celebrate the ship’s first arrival at Adelaide on Nov 7, 1864.

Location: Clipper Ship ‘City of Adelaide’, Clipper Ship City of Adelaide. Dock 2, Honey St, Port
Adelaide, SA 5015, Australia

Some facts of Clipper Ship ‘City of Adelaide’:

Built in Sunderland, England

Built by William Pile, Hay and Co

First launched on 7 May 1864

‘City of Adelaide’ is one of the world’s oldest surviving clipper ship and is the only surviving purpose-built passenger sailing ship

The ship’s cabins accommodated first-class and second-class passengers. the first-class cabins above the second-class one, first-class passengers paid more price to get the better conditions. Windows inside the cabin quite limited and small.

As an emigrant ship, she made return trips from Britain to Adelaide, South Australia for 23 years with passengers and cargo,  playing an important role in the development of the colony and contributing to the growth of the Australian nation. There are a million South Australians, and a quarter of the origins of South Australians can be traced from the passengers on ‘City of Adelaide’.

In 1948, she was decommissioned, after that she go through with sunk, recovered and tried to restore. As the restoration funding ceased, she was moved to Adelaide to be preserved as a museum ship.

‘City of Adelaide’ now is in Dock 2, Port Adelaide, It is planned to move the ship from the barge onto the adjoining landand, and a seaport village is planed to develop around with ‘City of Adelaide’.

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